Fucoidan Phoenix bottle
Fucoidan Phoenix bottle
Fucoidan Phoenix label and back of the bottle
Fucoidan Phoenix benefits
Fucoidan Phoenix benefits
Fucoidan Phoenix label

Fucoidan Phoenix (160 capsules)



By dramatically lowering the cost per gram, doubling the amount of fucoidan, and quadrupling the amount of mushroom of the next leading fucoidan brand, in Fucoidan Phoenix™ we have created the most potent, well-balanced, and affordable fucoidan supplement in the world.
A Safe & Potent Fucoidan Supplement that Gives You the Peace of Mind you Deserve – You Won’t Believe The Incredible Value! Let us prove to you that Fucoidan Phoenix™ is the health and immunity supplement you have been searching for.



Leading Premium Fucoidan Brands Cost per BottleGrams of FucoidanGrams of MushroomsTotal GramsCost per Gram
Fucoidan Phoenix™$2894064104$2.77
Equivalent Brand #1$300181634$8.82
Equivalent Brand #2$330204.524$13.75

America’s #1 Fucoidan Supplement!

Superior Immune Support

Independent Strength-Tested Fucoidan 

Independent Radiation-Tested Fucoidan  


Independent Lab-Tested Fucoidan

DNA Verified Mushrooms

Cold-Water Extracted Fucoidan

Superior Absorption & Bioavailability



Fucoidan extracted from naturally-dried, hand harvested wild organic brown seaweed without the use of solvents. This gentle extraction process ensures the chemical constituents of the fucoidan molecule remain unaltered as in their natural state.


This single-step purification method eliminates contaminants such as salts, alginates and other impurities. It also eliminates the numerous purification and disinfecting steps involving use of hypochlorite and irradiation used by competitors.


The Quality Assessment method for analyzing fucoidan to determine purity has been developed and validated for the fucoidan we use by the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, University of Georgia, USA.


Natural drying and micronizing to particle size of less than 300 microns for easy absorption and assimilation.


The extraction process is controlled by ISO9001 and HACCP accredited quality-management system. Our fucoidan also complies with Organic, Kosher and Halal quality requirements.


40,000 mg of PURE full-spectrum organic fucoidan in each bottle of Fucoidan Phoenix maximizes the chance that you will get the results you want.


In Fucoidan Phoenix we have created the most powerful, well-balanced fucoidan supplement that also gives the best-bang-for-the-buck anywhere in the world.

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 Free priority shipping on orders over $50. All domestic orders under $50 ship for only $9.95. We offer international shipping to all countries for $24.95.All orders placed before 2pm EST Monday-Friday ship same day!

60- Day Money Back Guarantee

 Our 60-day money-back guarantee ensures that you can order Fucoidan Phoenix for 60 days! If you are not amazed after taking it, just let us know and we’ll send a prompt refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED… IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

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Fucoidan Phoenix (160 capsules)
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